Investment/Development Appraisal

For investment/development projects we can assess how much a property is worth to your company based on specified investment parameters and your business plan. We call this "Appraisal Of Worth" analysis.

Typically, an Appraisal of Worth is used to determine the price that should be paid for a property in a buy/sell negotiation or to determine whether the project is viable. For more details about Appraisal of Worth analysis Click Here.

A typical Appraisal of Worth report will address the following:

  • Strengths: identifies characteristics of the property/project that meet or exceed your goals as an investor based on specified investment criteria.
  • Weaknesses: identifies characteristics of the property/project that are contrary to your investment goals and may increase investment/development risk.
  • Opportunities: identifies the upside potential of the property/project having regard to "value-add" opportunities, market trends and the regulatory landscape.
  • Project Sensitivity: identifies the downside risks of the property/project and assesses the impact of changing economic factors (i.e. rents, yields, build costs, inflation, interest rates, etc) on the project's performance.
  • Recommended Price: states the minimum/maximum price that should be paid for a property based on your investment targets and goals.
  • Risk/Reward Parameters: performance and investment analysis of the property/project based on your business plan and recommended price.

Fees for our Investment/Development Appraisals vary according to the complexity of the project as well as the number of properties involved.

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