Appraisal Services

An appraisal determines the Market Value (or Market Rent) of a property and can be used a number of scenarios such as for buying/selling, taxation, or for settling legal disputes.

We are equipped with the market knowledge, technical expertise and qualifications to provide you with a valuation report that can be relied upon by your lender or other third parties.

The following is a list of scenarios where an appraisal maybe necessary:

  • Secured financing: to determine the amount of money a lender should lend against your property.
  • Financial Reporting: to determine a property’s Fair Market Value according to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and/or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • Acquisition/disposal: to negotiate the purchase/sale of an interest in real property especially in a non-market negotiation.
  • Rental Negotiations: to determine the market rent that should be paid for a business premises.
  • Expropriation: to determine the amount of compensation you should receive when a municipal authority or crown corporation wishes to exercise its statutory right to purchase your property (or interest in property).
  • Dispute Resolution: to represent your interests when there is a dispute over a property's Market Value or Market Rent. This includes Expert Witness representation.

Our reports are prepared in accordance with the Canadian Uniform Standards of Property Appraisal Practise (CUSPAP) as well the RICS Global Valuation Standards (the “Red Book”). Furthermore, our valuations are based on the relevant valuation definition according to the purpose for which they are required. It is therefore important to accurately describe the reason you need the report and who the end user is likely to be.

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